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What Is Cosmic Bowling (Overview: All You Need To Know)

What Is Cosmic Bowling?

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What Is Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic bowling is known as an event held at a bowling alley where they employ lasers, special illumination, music, and other special effects as you bowl.

Originally, the phrase “cosmic bowling” was coined by Brunswick Corp. as a trademark to offer bowling with heightened entertainment.

Casual Bowling

Bowling alleys offering “cosmic” bowling with blacklights, laser lights, and great music, are able to attract a larger volume of clientele targeting a younger crowd looking to have fun.

When you play a cosmic game, the bowling establishment will turn off the likes and turn the place into a disco-like environment.

Typically, the lights are out everywhere except where the pins are located.


Many bowling establishments look to find ways to attract new clientele.

Generally, younger crowds are not attracted to bowling as they perceive it to be a game for the older folks or boring.

However, bowling establishments have introduced music, special lighting, and disco to the game in an effort to change that.

Some establishments call it “cosmic bowling” while others call it “galaxy bowling” or “moonlight bowling”.

No matter the name, the idea is the same.


Cosmic bowling is defined as the classic game of bowling played in a disco-like environment with laser lights, disco lights, black lights, runway lights, music, and where the lights are turned off and only the pins are lit up.

Cosmic bowling is typically played at night and attracts partying singles and couples on a date-night.

It also attracts many families and some teenage crowds who enjoy the game for fun and the ambiance. 


So what’s cosmic bowling?

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

What Is Cosmic Bowling:

  • Cosmic Bowling is the classic game of bowling played under special lighting effects and music
  • It is typically played in the evenings and into the early morning hours by singles having fun, couples on a date, teenagers, and families
  • The term “cosmic” refers to the galaxy and the darkness of space (as the game is being played in the dark)
  • Similar variations are Galaxy Bowling, Moonlight Bowling, or other 
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