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How Much Does A Bowling Ball Weigh (All You Need To Know)

How Much Does A Bowling Ball Weigh?

How many pounds is a bowling ball?

What are the essential elements you should know!

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How Much Does A Bowling Ball Weigh

Bowling balls are manufactured in weights starting from 6 pounds to 16 pounds.

The average male bowler will use a ball weight of about 12 to 16 lbs, an average female will use 10 to 14 lbs, and professional bowlers use 14 to 16 lbs (most use 15 lbs).

Bowling alleys carry bowling balls that weigh from 6 pounds all the way to 16 pounds so that anyone can find a suitable weight.

The lightest bowling ball manufactured that you can find is 6 lbs.

The heaviest bowling ball manufactured that you can find is 16 lbs.

The weight of a bowling ball is an important consideration for many bowlers.

When you play with the right bowling ball weight, you can improve your technique, play a more consistent game, and avoid injuries.

House Balls

House balls are bowling balls offered by bowling alleys and centers and they carry bowling balls of all weight ranging from 6 to 16 lbs.

The house balls are made for the average population and drilled in such a way as to accommodate the average hand and span.

Custom Balls

When you purchase your own custom ball, the weight of your bowling ball will depend on your comfort level.

The average male will use a custom bowling ball weighing between 12 to 16 lbs whereas the average female will go for 10 to 14 lbs.

Professional bowlers tend to use weights ranging between 13 to 15 lbs.


How much do bowling balls weigh?

How heavy is a bowling ball?

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

How Much Does A Bowling Ball Weigh:

  • The weight of bowling balls range from 6 pounds to 16 pounds
  • Choosing the right bowling ball is an essential decision for a bowler as it will directly impact technique and performance
  • Bowling balls are not manufactured below 6 lbs or over 16 lbs
  • Depending on the bowler’s physical strength, physical limitations, and confidence level, a bowler will choose a weight that allows them to play many games comfortably and in a consistent fashion 
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