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Bowling Strikes Names (Overview: All You Need To Know)

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Bowling Strikes Names

Some of you may wonder if there’s a special name given to strikes in bowling whey they are achieved consecutively.

The answer is, yes!

What are the bowling strike names?

Here is a list of bowling strike names:

  • 2 strikes: Double or Barney Rubble
  • 3 strikes: Turkey, Sizzling Turkey or Triple
  • 4 strikes: Hambone or Four Bagger 
  • 5 strikes: Yahtzee or Five Bagger
  • 6 strikes: Six Pack, Wild Turkey or Six Bagger
  • 7 strikes: Front Seven or Seven Bagger
  • 8 strikes: Front Eight or Eight Bagger
  • 9 strikes: Front Nine, Golden Turkey or Nine Bagger
  • 10 strikes: Front Ten or Ten Bagger
  • 11 strikes: One Day From Retirement, Front Eleven or Eleven Bagger
  • 12 strikes: Thanksgiving Turkey or Perfect Game

If you throw 7 strikes in a row from 7 to the end of the game, we call that the “back six”.

Strike Names

There are different names given to the number of strikes you hit in a row.

If you hit two strikes in a row, we call that a “Double”.

If you hit three strikes in a row, it’s a “Turkey”.

When you hit four strikes in a row, it’s a “Hambone” or “Four-Bagger”.

Five strikes in a row is a “Yahtzee” or “Five-Bagger”.

Six strikes in a row is a “Six-Pack” or “Wild Turkey”.

Seven strikes in a row is a “Seven-Bagger”.

Eight strikes in a row is an “Eight-Bagger”.

Nine strikes in a row is a “Golden Turkey” or a “Nine-Bagger”.

Hitting ten strikes back to back is called a “Ten-Bagger”.

Throwing eleven strikes one after the other is called an “Eleven-Bagger” or “One Day From Retirement”.

Finally, if you are a lucky person able to throw twelve strikes back to back, you’ve scored a perfect 300 point game called “Thanksgiving Turkey”!

Perfect String

Rolling the perfect string means that you have scored a perfect game of 300.

This is called the “Perfect Game” or “300”.

Front and Back Strikes

If you hit multiple consecutive strikes when you start the game, we’ll refer to that as “front” strikes.

So, if you have six consecutive strikes when starting a game, we can either say a “Six Pack” or a “Front Six”.

Similarly, if you finish the game by hitting consecutive strikes, we’ll use the term “back” strikes.

For example, if you hit five consecutive strikes to finish the came, we’ll say that you have a “Back Five”.

Five Strikes In a Row

What is 5 strikes in a row name?

Rolling five strikes in a row is often call a Brat representing the number of sausages that come in a package.

Off The Strikes

When a player fails to get a strike after hitting a series of strikes, we say that the player is now “off the strikes”.

This means that the player’s most recent ball did not hit a strike and so the string of strikes comes to an end.

On The Strikes

When a player is hitting consecutive strikes, we say that he or she is “on the strikes”.

In other words, the player is now hitting consecutive strings of strikes.

We’ll usually say the player has six strikes “in a row” to indicate the consecutive nature of the strikes.


What are the different names for getting a series of strikes in bowling?

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

Bowling Strikes Names

  • In bowling, there are names given to the number of consecutive strike strings
  • Here the list of strike names: 2- Double, 3- Turkey, 4- Hambone, 5- Five Bagger, 6- Six Pack, 7- Seven Bagger, 8- Eight Bagger, 9- Golden Turkeys, 10- Ten Bagger, 11- One Day Before Retirement, 12- Perfect Game 
  • Hitting multiple strikes to start a game is referred to as “Front Strikes” followed by the number of strikes (Front Five) and the same logic applies if you finish the game with many strikes “Back Strikes”
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