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How To Curve A Bowling Ball (Explained: All You Need To Know)

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How To Curve A Bowling Ball Overview

Curving a bowling ball is probably one of the most spectacular shots in the game.

We often see professional bowlers through beautiful curve balls knocking down all the pins for a strike.

There’s no doubt that you can throw strikes by throwing straight balls.

However, if you learn how to make a bowling ball curve, you will definitely throw more strikes.

Curving a bowling ball allows you to use the power and spin action of the ball to produce better results.

To curve your bowling ball, you’ll need to consider to aspects:

  • Choose the right bowling ball
  • Master the proper ball curving technique 

Let’s first look at the type of bowling ball that you will need to curve your ball.

Bowling Ball To Throw A Curve

The type of ball you use will have an important impact on the type of curve or hook you can achieve on your bowling ball.

If you are using a house ball that is made of polyester or plastic, you will not achieve the same result as when you use a ball designed for curve action.

To throw a curve, you’ll need a bowling ball made of reactive resin or particle ball that will generally set you back approximately $100 on the lower end of the price spectrum.

The reason why you need reactive resin is that they have a porous surface allowing your ball to maintain a solid grip on the land and give you the best traction when moving through the lane oil.

On the other hand, if you are using a plastic ball that has a smooth surface, you will not get a lot of traction on oily lanes.

Once you purchase your reactive resin bowling ball, be sure to have the finger holes drilled to fit your fingers so you can use the fingertip grip.

How To Curve A Bowling Ball Technique

If you are a beginner and are looking to curve a bowling ball, with some practice, patience, and the right bowling technique, you will get there.

To make a bowling ball curve, here are the steps that you will need to take.

Bowling Ball Handshake

The first step is to make sure that you are holding the bowling ball in a “handshake” position.

With the handshake position, you are essentially keeping your wrist straight and motionless as you set up on the approach.

You’ll keep the handshake position all the way through to your swing and delivery.

Maintain Handshake Position

It’s important that you maintain the handshake position when you are releasing the bowling ball.

To protect your wrist, you can purchase wrist support accessories allowing you to maintain your wrist in a straight position from the moment you position yourself on the approach all the way to your release.

Technique At Point of Release

To effectively curve your bowling ball and give it the revolutions it needs to hook on the bowling alley, here are a few things that you should remember at the moment you are to release the ball:

  • Make sure you keep your wrist straight and without any motion
  • Make sure you exit your fingers from the bowling ball
  • Lift the ball with your fingers 
  • Give a counter-clockwise rotation of the hand a wrist 

How To Throw A Curve Bowling Ball For Beginners

To learn how to curve the bowling ball, let’s start with the basic technique before moving on to advanced techniques.

The simple way that beginners can learn to curve their bowling ball is as follows:

  • Choose a lighter bowling ball than what you normally use 
  • Stand with your feet close together at the beginning of the approach 
  • Hold the bowling ball with your free hand and keep your wrist straight 
  • Focus on the second arrow from the right if you are a right-handed bowler and the second arrow from the left if you are a left-handed bowler 
  • Walk to the foul line with a steady motion 
  • Keep your hand and wrist straight when you are to release the ball 
  • Release your thumb first at the moment of your release 
  • The moment of your arm allows the ball to go straight to the pins and your fingers give the ball the revolution it needs to curve down the bowling lane 

How To Curve A Bowling Ball Tips

Here are some tips that you should consider when learning to throw a bowling ball curve:

  • Make sure you relax your thumb at the point of release
  • Make sure your thumb exits the bowling ball first allowing your two fingers to control the curve of the ball 
  • Naturally flick your fingers as you release your ball so you create the revolutions on the ball 
  • You should start giving a lift with your fingers when your thumb is getting released from the ball 
  • As you are lifting your fingers, rotate your hand counter-clockwise to the handshake position 
  • Try to make small curves before practicing bigger ones 
  • Try to practice with a tennis ball so you learn the proper technique 
  • Practice the technique by visualizing the release in your head 

How To Curve Bowling Ball Takeaways

There you have it folks!

How to bowl a curve ball?

Every bowler’s desire is to improve their skills to achieve higher scores.

You can improve your score in bowling if you learn how to throw a curveball in bowling.

With a curve, you can have better control over the ball and you can hit the pins at an angle instead of a straight shot.

Practice the technique I showed you in this post and you will quickly learn how to bowl a curve ball for a strike in no time!

Good luck

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