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Top Bowling Ball Brands In 2021 (Our List of Best Picks)

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Bowling Ball Brands

There are many bowling balls out there and many brands to choose from.

Sometimes, it’s overwhelming, confusing, and tedious to go through everything out there today in the market.

To help facilitate your life, we have curated a list of the best bowling brands so you can have a nice list to browse through.

We provide you with a brief overview of the brand and offer useful nuggets of information to help you.

Without further adieu, let’s dive into our bowling ball brand list!


Bowling Ball Brands - Storm

Storm is an American company manufacturing and selling bowling balls.

They also offer Storm balls, bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories.

The company was founded in 1985 by Bill and Barabara Chrisman where they offered bowling ball cleaners named High Score Products. 

Eventually, they entered into the market of high-performance bowling ball manufacturing and business for the company took off.

The Storm Bowling company is headquartered at 165 S 800 W Brigham City, Utah 8430.

In addition to its well-known Storm line of products, they also own the brands Roto Grip, 900 Global, and 3G shoes.

The Storm vision is to “be the innovative leader in the bowling industry focused on performance, growth, and education”. 

Storm is known for having a wide variety of products, providing innovation in the field, having a solid offering of products for beginners, intermediates, and professionals.

In fact, Storm offers one of the most popular beginner bowling balls.

Here are some of the Storm bowling balls:

  • Storm Ice
  • Storm Pitch Black
  • Storm Tropical Breeze
  • Storm Mix
  • Storm Timeless
  • Storm !Q Tour Emerald
  • Storm Astrophysix
  • Storm Sure Lock
  • Storm All Road Bowling Ball
  • Storm Soniq
  • Storm Pro Motion Bowling Ball


Bowling Ball Brands - Brunswick

The Brunswick brand dates back a long time.

Brunswick Bowling Products offers bowling balls, bags, shoes, accessories, apparel, and other accessories. 

This company is a massive player in the bowling industry.

They offer products for all types of bowlers (entry-level to professional), have balls for all types of lane conditions, own a massive portfolio of brand names they acquired over the years.

The company started operating in 1845 as a billiard brand and moved into the bowling industry around the 1880s.

Moses Bensigner (married to Eleanora Brunswick, daughter of John Moses Brunswick) standardized the rules of the bowling game and organized the first American Bowling Congress in 1905.

The name Brunswick is synonymous with the history of modern bowling.

Today, Brunswick is owned by BlueArc Capital Management who also purchased Ebonite International and all of its bowling product brands in 2019.

BlueArc manufactures bowling balls under the Brunswick, DV8, Ebonie, Hammer, Radical, Track, Columbia 300, and Ultimate.

Brunswick Bowling Product is located at 525 West Laketon Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan 49441-2601.

Here are some of the Brunswick bowling balls:

  • Brunswick T-Zone Patriot Blaze Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick Flame Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick Melee Jab Special Edition Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick T-Zone Carribean Blue Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick Lizard Glow Viz-A-Ball 
  • Brunswick Vintage Phantom Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick T-Zone Indigo Swirl Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick Shark Glow PRE-DRILLED Viz-A-Ball
  • Brunswick Rhino Reactive Bowling Ball
  • Brunswick Vintage Inferno Bowling Ball Limited Edition 


Bowling Ball Brands - Ebonite

Ebonite is a well-known brand in bowling. 

Just like Brunswick, Ebonite has been in the bowling business for a long time.

They started their operations in 1905 and have evolved with the game over the years.

They sell balls covering all range of bowling player skills and for dry to heavy oil surfaces.

In 2019, the company Ebonite International was acquired by Brunswick Bowling Products LLC (itself owned by BlueArc Capital Management).

Today, under the ultimate control of BlueArc Capital Management, Ebonite continues to market and sell bowling balls under the brands Ebonite, Hammer, Columbia 300, and Track.

Ebonite’s headquarters is the same as Brunswick Bowling Products and it is located at 525 West Laketon Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan 49441-2601.

Here are some of the Ebonite bowling balls:

  • Omni
  • Choice
  • Impact
  • Matrix Solid
  • Futura
  • Game Breaker 3 Pearl
  • Allure
  • Verdict Pearl
  • Destiny Solid
  • Maxim – Northern Lights

Columbia 300

Bowling Ball Brands - Columbia 300

Columbia Industries is a bowling ball manufacturer with Columbia 300 as their most notable brand.

In the early 1960s, Columbia Industries was one of the first companies to manufacture a bowling ball using polyester resin rather than using rubber.

In this regard, they are considered to be the pioneers of the plastic bowling balls used in modern bowling.

In the early 2000s, Columbia Industries owned the Track and Dyno-Thane brands and gets acquired by Ebonite.

Today, the Columbia 300 bowling balls are manufactured by Brunswick Bowling Products who acquired Ebonite in 2019.

The balls are produced in a plant owned by BlueArc Capital Management who now owns many brands such as Brunswick, DV8, Ebonie, Hammer, Radical, Track, and Ultimate.

The company is headquartered at 525 West Laketon Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan 49441-2601.

Here are some of the Columbia 300 bowling balls:

  • Nitrous Bowling Ball
  • Savage Life
  • White Dot Lava Bowling Ball
  • Lit Pearl Bowling Ball
  • White Dot Scarlet
  • Beast Purple Sparkle
  • Authority


Bowling Ball Brands - Pyramid

Pyramid is a relatively new brand.

It started in 2011 but has risen in popularity ever since.

They started producing polyester bowling balls and expanded into performance balls, bags, shoes, and other bowling products.

The company offers bowling balls, bags, shoes, accessories, and apparel just like all the other top bowling brands.

Here are some of the Pyramid bowling balls:

  • Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball
  • Pyramid Curse Bowling Ball
  • Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball
  • Pyramid Pathogen Bowling Ball
  • Pyramid Clear Skull Bowling Ball
  • Pyramid Pathogen Plague Pearl
  • Pyramid Enchanted Path Rising
  • Pyramid Pathogen Plague Urethane
  • Pyramid Chosen Path Pearl Black/Lime Green
  • Pyramid Pathogen Blue Dot


Bowling Ball Brands - Hammer

Hammer Bowling is a division of Ebonite International (bought by Brunswick Bowling Products in 2019).

The Hammer brand is part of the bowling ball brand names falling under the control and ownership of BlueArc Capital Management who purchased Brunswick Bowling Products.

Hammer was owned by Faball Enterprises founded by Johnny Wonders and Earl Widman in 1978.

In 1981, Faball Enterprises created the second urethane bowling ball in the market branded as Hammer.

They became popular as they put their logo on the side of the ball.

The is headquartered at 525 West Laketon Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan 49441-2601.

Here is a list of some of the Hammer bowling balls:

  • Hammer The Sauce Bowling Ball
  • Hammer Statement Solid Bowling Ball
  • Hammer Web Tour Bowling Ball
  • Hammer Black Widow Pink Bowling Ball
  • Hammer Statement Pearl Bowling Ball
  • Hammer Ruthless Bowling Ball
  • Hammer Rip’D Pearl Bowling Ball
  • Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball
  • Hammer Web Pearl Bowling Ball
  • Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball


Bowling Ball Brands - Motiv

Motiv Bowling manufactures different types of bowling balls.

Motiv is a bowling company established in the 1990s.

The company’s original business model was to create innovative bowling ball cores. 

Eventually, it diversified into producing the entire bowling ball.

In 2007, the company started research and development to produce high-quality bowling balls but also with a key differentiator.

Their revolutionary concept was for bowling ball graphics allowing multi-color graphics on the bowling ball coverstock without the need for engraving.

This is marketed by Motiv under the trademark NeoMark.

Motiv Bowling is located at 18570 Trimble Court, Spring Lake, Michigan 49456.

Here are some of the best Motiv bowling balls:

  • Venom Shock Pearl
  • Venom Cobra
  • Trident Abyss
  • Jackal Ghost
  • Midnight Sniper
  • Golden Jackal
  • Hyper Sniper
  • Tank Rampage


Bowling Ball Brands - DV8

DV8 is a bowling ball brand owned and operated by Brunswick Bowling Products.

The DV8 products offer great quality just like the Brunswick bowling ball product lines.

One interesting aspect of the DV8 bowling balls is that they provide amazing cover stocks.

In 2019, Brunswick was acquired by BlueArc Capital Management and thus DV8 fell into a wide range of brands owned and controlled by BlueArc.

The brand has an interesting manifesto published on their website:

“300 isn’t just a number. It is our destination. Shouting at a ball will make it strike more. Nothing is as satisfying as hurling dangerously heavy spheres at stationary objects—and watching x’s fill the frames. You know it, we know it. So here’s to the ballers. The lane dwellers. The alley cats. and a new breed rising from the lanes. We are dv8. Tonight we bowl” 

The company is headquartered at 525 West Laketon Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan 49441-2601.

Here is a list of good DV8 bowling balls:

  • DV8 Verge pearl
  • DV8 Decree
  • DV8 Intimidator
  • DV8 Glam
  • DV8 Warrant
  • DV8 Frequency
  • DV8 Notorious
  • DV8 Poison Pearl
  • DV8 Polyester – just black
  • DV8 Turmoil pearl

Roto Grip

Bowling Ball Brands - Roto Grip

Roto Grip is a bowling ball brand owned by Storm Bowling.

The Yetito family initially established this brand in 1955.

Over the years following its initial success, the company started losing ground in the bowling industry unable to keep up with the technology.

In 1997, Storm Products Inc acquired Roto Grip and the brand continued scaling over the years. 

With Storm behind the brand, Roto Grip has regained its original reputation in the market and is seen as one of the great bowling balls.

Here is a list of the Roto Grip bowling balls:

  • Roto Grip Hustle Ink
  • Roto Grip Halo
  • Roto Grip MVP Pearl
  • Roto Grip Winner
  • Roto Grip Hot Cell Urethane
  • Roto Grip Nuclear Cell
  • Roto Grip UFO


Bowling Ball Brands - Track

Track International is a bowling ball manufacturer selling balls and related accessories.

Track bowling was founded as Star Track Bowling in Solon, Ohio in 1970.

Over the years, Track was purchased by Columbia Industries who in turn got bought out by Ebonite.

As of 2019, Brunswick Bowling Products acquired Ebonite and so the Track brand fell in the Brunswick portfolio of bowling brands.

Here are some of the Track bowling balls:

  • Precision Solid
  • Tactix Hybrid
  • Alias
  • Mako Attack
  • Paradox V
  • Kinetic Obsidian
  • Paradox Red


Bowling Ball Brands - Radical

Radical is a bowling ball brand owned by Brunswick Bowling Products.

Within the Brunswick portfolio of bowling brands, you also have Columbia 300, DV8, Ebonite, Hammer, Track, and Ultimate.

Radical Bowling Technologies address is PO Box 781281, San Antonio, Texas 78278.

Here are some of the Radical bowling balls:

  • Radical Incognito Pearl
  • Radical Pandemonium Solid
  • Radical Results Plus
  • Radical Bonus Pearl
  • Radical Incognito
  • Radical Results Solid
  • Radical Zing Pearl
  • Radical Zing Hybrid
  • Radical Astro-Nuts
  • Radical Spare Ball

900 Global

Bowling Ball Brands - 900 Global

900 Global is an important bowling ball brand.

900 Global is produced by Global Manufacturing LLC of San Antonio, Texas.

In 2014, Storm Products announced that it has made investments in Global Manufacturing LLC.

In 2020, Storm moved to fully acquire Global Manufacturing thereby adding the 900 Global bowling ball brand to its portfolio.

In this purchase, Storm also acquired the 3G bowling shoe brand.

Other Good Bowling Ball Brands

There are many good bowling ball brands to choose from, you have brands like:

  • Lord Field
  • Lane Masters
  • Lane #1
  • Moxy
  • Dyno-Thane
  • KR Strikeforce
  • OnTheBallBowling

Every brand offers its own unique value proposition attracting a different type of clientele.

Some target beginners, while others target advanced and professional bowlers. 

The major bowling brands have bowling ball products covering the entire bowling player skill spectrum.


Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

Good Bowling Ball Brands

  • There are many brands in bowling for those looking to buy a bowling ball
  • Some of the top brands include Brunswick, Storm, Ebonite, 900 Global and Motive
  • Quality brands also include Pyramid, Hammer, DV8, RotoGrip, Track, and Radical
  • Other brands include Lord Field, Lane Masters, Lane#1, Moxy, Dyno-Thane, KR Strikeforce, OnTheBallBowling
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