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4 Strikes In A Row (Bowling Terms: All You Need To Know)

What are 4 Strikes In A Row?

What do you call 4 strikes in bowling?

Curious to learn the bowling terms and lingo?

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4 Strikes In A Row

Whether you are playing bowling for entertainment or professionally, bowling a strike is an amazing feeling.

Seeing the bowling pins in action falling down provides you with a feeling of accomplishment and euphoria.

Every bowler’s objective is to throw as many strikes as possible in a row.

If you are new to bowling, you may hear bowlers use certain lingo or terms that you may not be familiar with.

For example, if you bowl three strikes in a row, you’ll call that a “turkey”!!

Another example is if you throw six strikes in a row, you’ll call that a “six pack”.

What about if you throw 4 strikes?

Is there a name for throwing 4 strikes in a row in bowling?

The answer is yes, there is a name for that too.

Bowling 4 strikes in a row is called a four-bagger.

Let’s break down each strike name from the first strike until you get to a “4 bagger”.

1 Strike

The first strike you will throw is simply called a “strike”.

This means that you knocked over all the pins in that single frame.

In Ten Pin bowling, you get 10 points.

2 Strikes

If you throw a second strike, we’ll call that a “double”.

This means that in two consecutive frames, you were able to throw a strike and knock all the pins down.

3 Strikes

If you throw a third strike, this is where the name gets interesting.

We call three strikes in a row a “turkey” or sometimes a “triple”.

4 Strikes

A player bowling 4 strikes in a row will refer to the accomplishment as a four-bagger or sometimes a “hambone”.

This means that in four consecutive frames, the player was able to knock over the 10 pins.

If you overhear someone saying “hey, she just threw a turkey, let’s see if she can get the 4-bagger”, it means will she be able to achieve a four-strike-in-a-row game?

Other Strike Names

In case you are curious, here are the names associated with throwing strings of strikes in bowling from the first frame all the way to the last frame.

You’ll notice that there are 12 names even though there are 10 frames.

This is because you can throw an additional 2 balls in the 10th frame if you are able to throw a strike.

  • 1 strike: strike
  • 2 strikes: double
  • 3 strikes: turkey or triple
  • 4 strikes: four bagger or hambone
  • 5 strikes: five bagger or yahtzee
  • 6 strikes: six bagger or six pack
  • 7 strikes: seven bagger or front seven
  • 8 strikes: eight bagger or front eight
  • 9 strikes: nine bagger or front nine
  • 10 strikes: ten bagger or front ten
  • 11 strikes: eleven bagger or front eleven
  • 12 strikes: perfect game


What are 4 strikes in a row called?

When you get 4 strikes back-to-back in bowling, what do you call it?

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

4 Strikes In A Row In Bowling

  • Throwing 4 strikes in a row in bowling is called a “four bagger” or “hambone”
  • One strike is called a “strike”
  • Two strikes is called a “double”
  • Three strikes is called a “turkey” or “triple”
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