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How Much Does It Cost To Drill A Bowling Ball (Best Overview)

How Much Does It Cost To Drill A Bowling Ball?

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How Much Does It Cost To Drill A Bowling Ball

Have you ever wondered what the bowling ball drilling cost?

Typically, there are two types of drilling services you may get from your local pro shop:

  • Basic drilling services
  • Custom drilling services

The basic drilling services are recommended for the recreational bowlers who have purchased their own ball.

Custom drilling services are recommended for those who are more than casual or recreational players.

We’re talking about the advanced and professional players.

Basic drilling cost 

How much does it cost to drill a bowling ball for standard drills?

Basic drilling can range anywhere from $30 to $50 offering you a conventional layout of the holes using an average for the span and hole sizes.

With basic drilling, since you are drilling based on average measurements, the fit may not be perfect. 

You may need to do some adjustments to the hole size to achieve a better fit.

Custom drilling cost 

How much to drill a bowling ball for custom drills?’

Custom drilling can set you back anywhere between $50 to $70.

For this price, you’ll generally get the installation of finger inserts, thumb slugs, and switch grips.

Drilling cost for beginners

How much does it cost to get a bowling ball drilled and should beginners do it?

For beginners, the truth is that you may not see the value in drilling your bowling ball particularly if you are buying a plastic bowling ball (entry-level balls).

You may realize that the cost of drilling may exceed the price of your ball!

When you buy your ball with the pre-drilled option, most companies will not charge you extra fees.

However, if you are looking for a better experience and good grip, you may want to spend the extra dollars.

To put things in perspective, a plastic bowling ball can cost you about $50 to $70 and the drilling can cost you about the same.

Drilling cost for advanced players 

Advanced and professional players will want to have custom holes drilled on their bowling balls.

This is the case as professional bowlers need to have a perfect fit to enhance and maximize their control of the ball.

The question for them is how much is the cost to drill a bowling ball?

The quality of the ball will have an impact on the price you’ll end up paying.

On the cheapest side of the spectrum, you may find some companies offer drilling services as low as $20 and on the more expensive side you can go up to $70.

Extra charges 

There are some additional charges or costs that can impact your bowling ball drilling costs.

Many companies do not want to take responsibility for a cracked bowling ball if the drilling does not go as planned.

For that reason, some offer a drilling protection service for a nominal fee of $5 or $10 to cover the costs of the ball in case the ball is damaged during the drilling process.

Consider this to be like an insurance policy.

You can also purchase additional features that will drive your ball’s drilling costs such as getting finger inserts or thumb slugs.

Some companies offer these features included in their bowling ball drilling price.

How to save money

The best way to save money when considering how much to get a bowling ball drilled is to shop around for the best price.

In some cases, if the company from whom you bought the bowling ball offers drilling services, they may charge you a separate fee or even include the drilling in their price.

If drilling is included in their price, this can be interesting as the process will end up free of charge.

There are vendors that charge as low as $20 for the service and as much as $70 with many in between.

If you have an expensive ball that you do not want to damage or crack, you are better off dealing with a company that has a lot of experience and focus less on the drilling cost.

If you are a beginner and you want to have your own custom holes drilled, then you may be just fine with keeping the costs down and paying a smaller fee (so shop around!).


So, how much to get a bowling ball drilled?

In this article, we looked at the bowling ball drilling prices (or costs) you should expect to drill custom or standard holes in your ball.

Let’s look at a summary of our findings on bowling ball drilling costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Drill A Bowling Ball

  • Drilling bowling balls cost anywhere between $20 to $70
  • Basic drilling services (or standard drilling services) cost about $20 to $50 and provide you with drilling based on average span and hole sizes
  • Custom drilling services (or professional drilling services) cost about $50 to $70 and provide you drilling designed for your specific hand
  • Other charges may affect your total drilling costs such as getting drilling protection services, finger inserts, and thumb slugs
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